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Oct 9, 2009

It's show 150 baby! This week we start off with some amusing stories of booze and college life, then meander into a deliberation on the evolution of political beliefs for individuals. From there we ramble our way into a discussion on the nature of ideals, and more specifically on the increasingly outdated concept of masculinity. Enjoy!

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Born Under A Bad Sign" performed by The Great Oglee Moglee Blues Band

nine and a half years ago

The ideal of masculinity is to have only two desires.

I never drank or did any drugs so sometimes I feel the pressure

but in all seriousness, whatever happened to just being a nice guy?

Dave (UK)
nine and a half years ago

I can\'t really comment on English masculinity. I don\'t recognise myself in anything I see outside my four walls. There are things I do that I consider male-centric, onanism being perhaps the one that stands apart from the others.

What I see generally as being perceived masculinity is abhorrent to me in many respects. Now, I insert the usual disclaimer; I would count myself as someone who regularly traverses the line between \"guy\" and \"man\". Sometimes I am the freedom loving idiot who cares not for opinion, the next I am insistent that things be done just-so and with complete responsibility.

To side-bar before I lose my thread: You mentioned that with age comes more conservative views and revolution is for the young. (I simplify, listen to the show for the low-down).

With me, yes I started out as a long-haired liberal with designs on socialism and gun-control. What I see now (not too many years away from 40) in myself is two things: an appreciation for self-sufficiency within social boundaries (in short, capitalism) and most importantly an absolute unbending sense of what is right and wrong. Yes I have my OWN moral code but I am more vocal when I see it broken by all and sundry. I have lost my tolerance and probably grown a pair of balls in the process but that\'s how it is in Dave\'s world.

As for beer? Shit! I\'m borderline alcoholic (as are most Englishmen). Please remember the difference between lager (bud and coors and other shit) and ale (real beer, the dark hoppy stuff that probably tastes like crap, rather than piss ;o) ).

In closing, I completely identified with the \"get out\" moment upon seeing the suitcase full of drugs. There is a time and a place for moderation but when someone walks in with a meth-lab under their arm you know it can only end one of two ways...

nine and a half years ago

That alcohol Lando was talking about that his mother brought from France could be Chartreuse. It burns your chest like a mo\\\'fo.

I always thought root beer was called root beer because its made from Sarsaparilla root

Big Dave (OZ)
nine and a half years ago

Masculinity in Australia is defined by as many of the following traits as possible:

* The ability to drink yourself into a stupor, and then keep going.
* Own a car with at least 6 cylinders, but preferably 8, and have the ability to produce smoke from the rear wheels while your friends stand as close as possible hooting like demented chimps.
* Have a shed with lots of tools, and know how to use some of them.
* He must be able to burn various meats on a BBQ
* He must never go to a doctor, unless he\'s unconscious or something is falling off
* He must never discuss his feelings, ever, about anything.
* He must hate \"poofters\".
* He can\'t stand \"Chick Flicks\".
* Never remove body hair.

I\'m sure there\'s plenty more, but you get the idea.