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five and a half years ago

Hey Joe and Lando

I have not commented lately so have a few things to add.

Congrats regarding your recent foray into other podcasts, I went to their youtube channel and and well bummer, they took down the chapter due to a DMCA claim by funny or die...I sincerely hope the one who made that claim eat shit and dies.

Is Lando still using word>? Did he switch to open office? I found something he may fall in love with instead, in a nutshell is an app SPECIFICALLY made for writers.
In a nutshell it contains everything for a person to start a book and end up with an exported epub file ready to upload and sell at amazon.
What makes it interesting is how it replaces so many apps with just one.

Here's some features,



About the feminism in Video games.
You covered this on one of your 5's and the whole movement of western women treating "sexism in games" as a priority while Afghan women have their faces disfigured with acid is an exercise on misplaced priorities #firstworldproblems. What I have to add about this is how this has not escaped the radar of some people, such this guy, who has started pointing at the cracks on their behavior, I suggest you watch the first ones on top (critique on Anita Sarkeesian)

You will have a good laugh with the double dragon neon critique...

Til the next time!