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Jul 3, 2009

This week we're relenting and talking, if only tangentially, about the recent death of Michael Jackson and further about the divide, if any, between artist and art. From there, it's time once again for Recently Discovered Religious Icon Showcase, this year featuring the Ark Of The Covenant! Speaking of religion, if you live in a place where most people are faithful then apparently you are free to abuse a child in the name of the dominant religion. In a complete turnabout from that story, the Supreme Court finally struck a blow in favor of civil rights this week in a case involving strip searching a 13-year-old girl. Finally, leave it to Russia to invent a great new sport: pirate hunting!

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Blau.ton" by Rauschwerk

almost ten years ago

You\'re right, Cresc, maybe it is all a media fabricated reality meant to create drama and take down a legend that was once a king. If so, then hey, they got me, their assault was good. There is always the chance there was more to the story...but...I get the feeling that the deeper you delve into this tale, the darker and more bizarre it will get. Too much money, too much free time, too much pressure...excess beyond the horizon. Jackson Rex, the king is dead, long live the king.

Benjamin Santiago
almost ten years ago

For the record the Arcade version was BADASS, and you could transform into the robot version of michael with some kind of powerup system.

Premise is the same, but is awesome for the Isometric graphics and synchronized dancing special move.

I played this game as a kid (ie within the age range of Michael\'s potential \"victims\") and never thought anything weird about it. I actually have always thought that Moonwalker (the movie) was badass because he transformed into a robot, but sadly it has been lost to the annals of time.

Dave (UK)
almost ten years ago

The unmentioned one was effectively a vehicle; initially for family financial gain, then for Quincy Jones who IMHO was the real genius at work. Maybe a zombie MJ will feature in the next Indy film?

Better still, maybe Hollywood will lose its sensitivities about appearing to be PC and cast a Radical Edward...

almost ten years ago

Best thing would be for them to make a bebop movie that counts as just another episode. Get the Japanese to agree to it and make a movie that fits in between certain episodes. Bebop had great back story over time, but the individual episodes were gems even without the over lining plot. Make it an episode, slide it in, and then maybe Ill accept there being no Radical Edward, for now.

But, we all know the Hollywood wont, cant let that stand. They have to take the entire show and squeeze it into two hours, one and a half if their lucky. Radical Edward will be played by Lindsey Lohan and she\'ll be a sexy vixen, who also happens to be a computer hacker. And it\'ll all take place on Earth and there will be an asteroid coming and Spike will be played by Bruce Willis and will have to stop it with his friend Jet, played by Angelina Jolie, and her ship the Bebop. They\'ll have to save the earth by putting a nuke in the asteroid and Faye will be their witty sidekick, also played by Angelina Jolie but will have blue hair (because that makes it all anime and shit). It\'ll be a motherfucking BLOCKBUSTER and much better than that stupid jap series they based off of it. USA USA USA USA.

Man, I really hope this Bebop movie gets axed.

For the record, I\'m crushed...I really thought M. Jackson would have been a great Faye Valentine. Oh well...

almost ten years ago

What convinces you that he was a kiddy fiddler?
After all, the kid has come out now and admitted his father put him up to it.

Too late for his apology though

almost ten years ago

As you discussed the enigma of Michael Jackson\'s celebrity and the ubiquity of his death, I thought for sure that someone would further discuss the Moonwalker video game. That was, by far, the strangest appearance of MJ in a popular medium. I\'m going to toss a Youtube link in here because I think that there\'s quite a bit within this short clip of the video game to discuss.

Michael Jackson, or an avatar of him, saves children from dastardly criminal sorts who like to lock them in closets and generally keep them from genuflecting (the children are notably kneeling) before MJ\'s thrusting. It was at this point I thought that this game may be played from the perspective of the villain.

I think that it is also worth noting that MJ whisks the children away on magical glowing sperm. The relative level of safety the children are being ushered toward is, I believe, up to the viewer/player to determine for themselves.

And last but certainly not least, big Mike can be seen physically rejecting the \"advances\" of very clearly sexualized adult women.

Now, I\'m not arguing that these elements are irrefutable evidence that Jackson was a pedophile. After all, he didn\'t design the game. But certainly he or his handlers had some sort of input. That\'s all relative and proves nothing. What I\'m certain of is that the game had to get cleared by handlers and perhaps by Jackson himself. And it got the big bright green light. And it was based on a narrative that was developed more fundamentally by Jackson.

For me, there was never much doubt about his particular kink.