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Apr 2, 2010

In this week's show:

Ida Maria
God Of War 3
Year Million

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Superheros 2007" by The Toxic Avenger

Big Dave (OZ)
almost nine years ago

As I was listening to this podcast, mainly the part on being able to experience others memories, and my brain went into overdrive, all these different ideas and angles came to me, and now I can\'t remember what I was thinking. I was wondering if maybe you have a copy of what I was thinking?

Seriously though, I have a few points of discussion:
* Would you only experience what they saw and heard, or would you also experience their thoughts and emotions, could be dangerous.
* Listening to the podcast is almost like experiencing your memories of the conversations you guys have, minus the emotions and unspoken thoughts.
* The part about experiencing a memory of someone learning to draw, won\'t make you an artist, or even give you the skill to draw, struck a memory with me. A friend who is a very talented musician once commented on someone else learning an instrument, he said \"the ability to play notes, and even tunes, does not make someone a musician. It\'s the ability to actually play music, to blend musical notes into music, that\'s the talent\". I can communicate through written (or typed) words. But I\'m not a writer, I can\'t structure words into a story, that would be enjoyable to read. I can draw, and paint, but I\'m no artist. Would experiencing the memory of such a person give you their ability, I don\'t think so.
* What if, at some later date, they develop some technology that can intercept old memories, from wherever. I would think that this would be a technology that would be suppressed. There could be no secrets, as soon as you\'ve seen something, it becomes a memory.

I see the problem with any form of mutation that could be beneficial for evolution, will end up with the doctors saying \"don\'t worry we can fix this, we can make your child normal\" or if they can\'t, the shrinks will turn this person in to an outcast. With the way the world works now, on greed, no beneficial mutation makes it to the general populace. If someone is good at something, they generally make so much money that their kids turn into brats, who don\'t have to use their genetic talent to survive, so it gets wasted, or they make so much money, that it does their head in, and they die young in one of the many ways available to the rich and stupid.

Dave (UK)
almost nine years ago

I really must read my posts before submitting. \"Conversion\"? I meant conversation. and I wasn\'t even drunk this time...

Dave (UK)
almost nine years ago

Sorry for being late on parade this week. Been having some solitude moments at work. I\'m impressed with the conversion concerning memory in the \"year one million\". The bio-ethicists will be philosophising over that one for decades. I\'m on the fence, verging on the side of Luddite. As much as the idea of shared memory/ awarenesss and the ability to \"Jack in\" is appealing I would prefer to stay out the way of potential abuse. The only way would be to stay \"off-grid\". One problem, unless we haven\'t managed to kill ourselves the idiots of society will have access to this shit and it\'ll be same as it ever was. Lando, I/ don\'t think you\'d want to be around to watch the fucktards playing with it, if only perhaps so you can vent your disgust at humanity some more. ;o)

Wish I\'d listened to that track sans Iggy first. Much better without him. While we\'re on the subject of tunes I purchased Superhero 2007. Love it. I\'m predominantly a metal-head but I cross many boundaries and just love the outro tune.

One thought I had about the comment that was made about humans being designed by a corporation: On a slightly serious note with regard to evolution. The human body is a little like how governments and economies are managed, and also like a building. It cannot have its foundations ripped out. We cannot start from scratch (more\'s the pity). Evolution only occurs with what it has to work. In the same way governments seem incapable of tearing up laws and regs; when something doesn\'t work the patch is introduced, new laws to amend the old one instead of ripping it up and starting again. This is how evolution works. You cannai change the law of physics cap\'n Kirk!