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Little spot of site news...

Jan 23, 2007

Hey guys, just want to note a couple of things here after reading the comments on the last blog post. I'm real happy about the feedback we got on the new design: there is now a redirect page at the old site location and the empty categories have been fixed. I also fixed a text display issue with the show subtitle, so hopefully that's showing up straight for everyone. You'll also see an email link on the page now, so if you have show ideas or just something to say, punch that button. Finally, there was a comment / question on the last blog entry about whether we ever get down about not having more feedback for the show. Honestly, we never thought anyone would even listen to the show, and we do get regular emails and now comments on the new site, so I can't complain a bit about participation. We've even had show ideas emailed our way, and hopefully there will be more coming. And we all have lives, and we're all busy, so it never bothers me that we're not flooded with email. We're perfectly content that there are listeners at all, so numbers and activity don't really factor in. So whether you're a passive listener or an active fan, we're happy to have you.