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Clash Of The Titans

May 16, 2007

Hey guys, we're going to be recording a show soon where we'll be pitting characters from movies, comics, literature, myth, etc, against one another to see who would win. We're posting 5 of these matches ahead of time to get your input on them.

Here are the 5:

All the James Bonds (Last Man Standing match)
Gandalf vs Darth Vader
Battle Angel Alita vs Motoko Kusanagi
John Constantine vs Doctor Strange vs Hellboy (Last Man Standing match)
Wolverine vs Manji

We want your thoughts on these fights.

Who wins? Why? How?

Not only that, if you have some good matches you think are worth talking about, post them! There's plenty of time before we record the show, so take a good few days or even a week and let us know what you think.