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Cod Of War

Feb 13, 2007

Hey guys, I'm just popping on to give a small update on things.

Firstly: There was supposed to be a show posted for last weekend, but two events collided that have delayed it for this upcoming weekend. Originally I was just behind because of my birthday, but the true show stopper was the plumbing deciding to go completely bonkers. We had to call out a plumber on a Sunday (fun), then he broke a pipe underneath the house (more fun.) Due to all that, I didn't get the show finished on time. Sorry about that. The show will go up for this upcoming weekend, which is good because I'll be on vacation and probably would not have been able to record a new show.

Secondly: I believe Boston has secured its place as the stupidest city in the country. In case you haven't heard, Boston flipped out over some advertising for the upcoming Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie. Apparently after pooling as much brain matter as possible to have their raggedy baseball team break the curse in 2004, they still haven't recovered that intelligence and feel that innovative means of promotion are a crime. Did people seriously think that these LED signs could be terrorist tools? Really, guys? No wonder they call it "Beantown": apparently beans are what people have in their skulls instead of brains in The City On A Hill.

Thirdly: Anna Nicole Smith. Why does anyone care? This woman ranks just behind Princess Di as another famous person we shouldn't be mourning. It's a sad sign of our culture when we place those who are undeserving on pedestals of worship and keep the spotlight off truly important individuals to better light the worthless.

Finally: Good news! The mighty, incomparable Kid Icarus was released on the Wii Virtual Console this week. Icarus is one of the titans of NES gaming, and also among the hardest games I've ever played (no save feature!). Guiding Pit through 3 punishing levels (the last level is so easy it's almost laughable) can drive you insane as thoroughly as it gives you a true sense of reward. The fact that it uses Greek myth as a starting point for atmosphere also earns it big marks with me. In relation, my current choice for greatest game of all time has got to be God Of War. A sequel is due early next month, and every indication and early review makes it sound equal (or superior) to the first game. Kratos, the faithful await your return as the Cod Of War!