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Mar 27, 2009

This week we're doing something a little different, as Cooter and I do the show sans Lando. We cover quite a bit of ground, starting with Ron Paul getting mighty uncomfortable with Sasha Cohen and whether ignorance is ever understandable. From there we move into some more scientific realms, starting with Cooter's ideas on clean fuel before moving into the potentially huge Wolfram Alpha project. After that, we talk another innovation that has some fantastic promise: Glasshouse. All this talk about the future and amazing technology on the horizon naturally leads to some musing on the stunning things we have with us right now. Flying cars, the commonality of touch screens, toy brain scanners...the future is now baby! Enjoy!

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Blau.ton" by Rauschwerk