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Apr 21, 2007

This week we're doing things slightly out of order. Instead of show 39, show 40 is going up because of the Virginia Tech shootings that happened here in the States. While this show topic is not limited to school shootings, it does cover some of our thoughts on these insane occurrences. Show 39 will go up next week, but for now Show 40 covers what Lando and I both see as an increasing trend in the US to shield ourselves from the very real dangers and stresses of everyday life. Does it really do us any good to pretend that bad things don't happen, that failure is insignificant, or that we can sue our way out of  responsibility? Is our general reluctance to accept consequences for our actions just a smokescreen as we try to Jekyll our way out of seeing Hyde in the mirror? And what impact will this have on the future?

Opening Music: "Fire In The Sky" by Dave London
Closing Music: "ET" by Peplab