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Great News

Feb 22, 2007

Hey everyone, I've got some excellent news concerning our little show.  Within the last few weeks I extended an invitation to fellow podcaster Benjamin Grundy to come on our show to do an interview, and he has graciously accepted! If you don't know who Ben is (and you should), he runs the Mysterious Universe podcast. MU is one of the better shows I've run across, from the consistently interesting topics to the high production quality. Ben covers the boggling spectrum of the things in this world beyond our understanding, from UFOs to the paranormal. Not only that, but he does so in an objective fashion by not preaching but instead reporting, which is a fine line to walk for the content he covers. He recently moved the show past simply a free version to include a premium edition that offers additional content for $5 a month, and for what you get that's a great deal. I have to say I'm quite excited for the interview, as Ben seems like a genuinely interesting fellow and surely he has some great stories to tell about his show. We're looking to cover a lot, including the journey Ben has traversed from the creation of MU, it's current evolution, and where it's going. In all honesty I'm hoping there's enough content to possibly fill two shows! As we move ahead in the process I'll post updates here to keep you all informed, but I hope this gives you something to look forward to in the coming weeks beyond the shows we normally put out.