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The iTunes Mystery

May 29, 2007

Hey all,

I've seen a few posts about iTunes not updating. I've been looking into it, and the problem is definitely on their side. To be honest, I've had nothing but issues with iTunes since we started the show and they have never given me a response that has helped. I can successfully ping the show, and it is updated through show 42 but we don't seem to be in the main listings anymore and 43 hasn't appeared. Not sure what more I can do, I've emailed their tech support and we'll see what they say. Until then, I can only offer the direct download option for iTunes users. I'll update you guys when and if I hear anything from the Jobs boys.

UPDATE: OK, so I've changed a few things around and re-submitted the show with a new RSS feed. I'm waiting on Apple to confirm it's there, but the new RSS feed does already show the new shows in iTunes, so my guess is this should fix the problem. Please comment on this post and let me know what you guys experience with the new feed.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: A new RSS feed is born!

Use this feed to replace what you have now, and future updates should be instant and the former iTunes weirdness should disappear. Thanks for the patience and emails, all is appreciated.