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The Wallpaper Contest

Jan 31, 2008

OK, so here is the details of the desktop wallpaper contest: we're looking for a desktop wallpaper to make available on the show site for anyone to download and use. There are basically no restrictions to the design, we're looking for anything and everything. Below this post you'll find some of the imagery used on the site that you can re-purpose for the wallpaper or make something entirely independent on your own. Once we have all the submissions in, we'll post them here and have the community vote on a winner. The vote will be done by email, a secret ballot of sorts, and the contest deadline is now March 1st since I was so late posting this entry with the details. Entries can be sent to the show email, linked into a blog entry, or made available as a download either Lando or myself can get to. The prize is small but significant: our first show themed silicon wristband and a prominent place as the official wallpaper of the show. Be as creative as possible and email any questions if you have them! Enjoy!

Lando  Post Art

Joe Post Art

Header Source  Photo

Boombox Art