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Feb 13, 2009

This week we're just floating along, no particular heading but still much on the sea to see. We start with some musings on the interesting effects of editorial changes in movies, triggered specifically with the changes made to the recent film Taken. The editing discussion gradually becomes a dialogue on censorship, and specifically on the boundaries of what we call censorship. We talk a bit about the recent California BART shooting, then blaze through some other much less important stories that have gotten bigger coverage, for example this one or the Christian Bale meltdown. Moving on, I espouse my love of, which bizarrely enough leads into a discussion on past military conflicts and also the power of mythology. Finally, we touch on the deep underlying philosophical meanings behind the Bill Murray film Groundhog Day. Enjoy!

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Blau.ton" by Rauschwerk