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Jan 16, 2018

Today on the 5: Over the weekend I rewatched Friday the 13th Part 6,  a movie I haven't seen in a long time and one that often makes 'Best Of' lists for the F13 films. I found that it holds up really well!

Jan 15, 2018

Today on the 5: HTC announced some interesting updates to their Vive platform. Are these new headsets going to be advanced enough to finally make VR happen? 

Jan 11, 2018

Today on the 5: Another year, another CES, another round of smart home announcements. Does it feel to anyone else like the smart home future is actually getting further away instead of closer?

Jan 10, 2018

Today on the 5: AOL has shut down AIM, which ran for 20 years. It's a rare example of technology that remained consistent for the entire lifespan of the product.