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nine and a half years ago

Would it be possible to also make a download link of the \'daily 5\'? I can understand making exclusive to the web site but since i usually have a quick look at your site at work i cannot listen to the daily 5. I am currently getting your podcasts off a mate as i have no home interent connection at the moment, a situation that will last till early next year at least...Sniff)

Big Dave (OZ)
nine and a half years ago

Maybe they should use bad monkeys, you know, the ones that attack people. Is it actually monkeys, or is it chimps? If it\\\'s chimps, they could use the ones that ripped that guys dick and balls off, they deserve to be irradiated. Too many death row prisoners have turned out to be innocent. There only crime was being the wrong color, or too dumb to defend themselves.

Dave (UK)
nine and a half years ago

At least if they lost them at night they\'d glow in the dark.

No, it\'s a good call. Yep, bad news for the monkeys but good news for us. Couple that with experimental rockets that could theoretically get us to Mars in 39 days and the game is on.