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Big Dave (OZ)
over nine years ago

I\'ve heard stories of people accidentally carrying knives onto planes, into court rooms, and other supposedly secure areas, and not realizing till after they get home. Really inspires confidence doesn\'t it. On the other hand, if you really wanted to take something dangerous onto a plane, it took me 2 minutes to find this:

A completely non metallic razor sharp ceramic bladed knife. Only $13.00 How easy would it be.

Dave (UK)
over nine years ago

I have one of those boot daggers made from hardened plastic that would do the same thing, but I digress.

Here\'s the thing, What we have learned from this last incident is that when something goes awry in the air passengers are now more willing to stop the \"terrorist\" for fear of ending up in the side of a building. So, in the event of it happening on your flight Joe (fear omitting) all you had to do was whip out your Leatherman (nice BTW, mines a Gerber) and stick him with it.

But oh no, we can\'t have that. So instead of using in-flight cutlery or your faithful pocket knife we now have to resort to \"harsh language\" in order to detain someone. It\'s pathetic, really it is. To be fair though I think anyone flying Delta into Detroit is perfectly within their rights to stop the landing. :o)

What is more concerning are the stories of the \"Well Dressed Man\" talking the guy onto the plane in The \'dam. No passport? No problem, we do this sort of thing all the time. HELLO? Why did no-one flag this? If this story is true then something more untoward is going on and is does. We just had a case of a guy getting picked up for flying into Dublin with explosives in his case. It was planted by Slovakian security services who were allegedly \"testing\" security.

As for the scanners, I\'d rather strip in front of the other passengers than walk through one of those things, mainly just to prove a point, but I always have had a Bones McCoy streak in me.