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Jul 11, 2012

Today on the 5: I did a rough review of American Gods a few weeks ago, when I was around a third of the way through. I felt the book was good, but not great. I have now finished the book, and I felt that the book warranted a more thorough review.

Big Dave
seven and a half years ago

I read this a few years back, after picking it up 2nd hand, I actually recommended it to you guys, I think you said it was already on your list. I even recommended it to others, which I don't normally do, as most people I know don't read what I read. I did enjoy the finish, like you say, it just seemed to fit really well, and I found the concept behind it very original and entertaining, but I won't be reading it again, but then I've only read Snowcrash and Nueromancer once, and I don't need to read them again. There are others I do read every year or two though. I think I've read First Blood at least 5 times. I love the Jack Reacher stories, I can't believe Tom Cruise is playing him in the Movie.