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Dave (UK)
almost nine years ago

LMAO Big Dave. He\'s most definitely here and he has the stuff.

almost nine years ago

Thanks for the comments Dave and Dave. You guys always make great commentary and I appreciate taking the time out of your day to share your thoughts on the matter.

Dave (UK)
almost nine years ago

\"Dave and Dave\"?

I smell a sit-com...

Big Dave (OZ)
almost nine years ago

Dave\'s not here

Sorry, couldn\'t resist.

Big Dave (OZ)
almost nine years ago

No apologies necessary, great show, and we\'re no without hope. Maybe an asteroid will hit us before we fuck everything up.

I can\'t believe that idiot is screwing around on Sandra Bullock. Bonehead play of all time. Just imagine all the characters she could play in the bedroom. All that I\'d need would be for her to dress as Lt. Lenina Huxley, with some cuffs. There\'s something about a woman in uniform.

We do have reality TV over here, a friend was going on \"So you think you can dance\". They kept putting the camera in her face, \"tell us your story\", she had no story, she just liked to dance. They only like you if you have a story to hook the audience. So fake.

Lets hope that the idiots with the guns attack in force, I would really like to see the SS Suburban with the secret Minigun in action. I heard one of them saying that the right to bear arms was important, \"cause it kep tha gummint scared a tha people\". It seems to me it\'s all about insecurities, both greed and racially based.

I also bought Tron a little while back, $10 I think. I haven\'t watched it yet, but I will before I go see the new one. I did see the original at the movies, I was 12, my brother went with me, we thought it was so cool.

You do realise now, that every president will be somebodies anti-Christ. Except for the atheists, of course. They are their own anti-Christs.

Dave (UK)
almost nine years ago

The whole Rep Vs Dem thing is another example of theatre. With few exceptions politicians are inherently psychopathic in nature. Only psychopaths gladly lie and then carry on as if it\'s the natural state of affairs. Even when caught out, it\'s brushed away as if it doesn\'t matter, and in reality it doesn\'t because the fuck-wits that voted them in (or didn\'t) are more interested in what\'s on Corrie, American Idol or .

Yep, the reality shows in the main highlight the prevailing psychopathy at work throughout society. The politicians sit at the top of the disgusting ladder because they\'re the sly ones. Meanwhile, Joey from Pig\'s Knuckle, Arkansas or Wayne from Watford decide they\'re smacking you in \"tha\" mouth because they saw some dickhead rap-star do it and now think it\'s acceptable behaviour.

Am I generalising? In part, yes. I consider myself (closet psychopath that I am, and would therefore naturally) above most of these pillow-witted individuals who are so one-dimensional as to be almost incapable of holding a conversion, unless it involves their favourite sports team.

I don\'t know how intentional your discussions are sometimes. This show had a theme. A big blue vein running right through the topics, culminating in an ejaculatory mess of society (Tron aside - That Daft Punk track is pretty good!)

You see I have an unproved theory about education. It strikes me that the only things taught these days are how to be good little consumers. Everything is done to perpetuate the true diety, the one true god, omnipresent and omnipotent; The Economy. We are not trained to think, to question, to reason. We are trained in marketing, social-situations, group-therapy, and if we\'re lucky we might get the fast-track path (see: NBA, Hollywood, Mickey Mouse Club et. al.)

Do you think Dick would have really shook his head and thought, \"No, it was supposed to be fantasy...\" All fantasy has a grain of inspiration from reality. I look at Transmetropolitan, then look around my surroundings. I see it, it is here. To be fair so (in part) is Orwell\'s vision from \'84. Brazil was a parody but reflected British bureaucracy and it\'s necessity in expanding to meet the needs of the ever expanding bureaucracy.

Which leads me quite nicely into the only part of the show I (slightly) disagreed with, that of the gun-toting red-necks wishing to tear up \"gummint\". Firstly, I agree that they should either shit or get off the pot. Too many Mexican stand-offs for my liking. Get it out in the open, or \"shoot \'em all and let god sort it out.\"

My issue with the Tea-Party movement is that what started out as a grass roots idea has been co-opted by others (Republicans).
What I see here is a clear example of the \"proles\" rising but quickly being championed by the establishment, with nothing but the intention of bringing it under establishment control. Therefore public anger is diffused and channelled in a way that suits the needs of the psychopaths whose only interests are their own.

As I recall in a few states it is perfectly acceptable to carry guns in public areas if you have the correct \"authorisation\". I concede that the individual demonstrations was effectively the middle finger salute to the fear of greater gun control it reflects a greater problem, and one that you alluded to when you discussed the blurring of the lines between the new politics of democracy and the old politics of the Republic. It pains me to say but The Constitution is just, \"a scrap of paper.\" Many post-Camelot presidents have regarded it as such. The Constitutional Republic is dead, long live the Corporate Democracy.

Remember, the Founding Fathers had to break the laws of the land. They were, by today\'s standards, terrorists.

Lando, you can come to U.K. anytime. Well not for the next two months. I would avoid it. Our illustrious leader will be calling a General Election on Tuesday which means six weeks of constant psychpathocratic bullshit.

Here endeth the lesson...

Big Dave (OZ)
almost nine years ago

I just remembered a couple of quotes regarding politicians, I couldn\'t find the exact wording, but it goes like this:
\"The mere fact that someone wants to go into politics, should immediately exclude them from doing so\"
and also :
\"Don\'t vote, it only encourages the bastards\".

And just to end on a laugh,
\"Never trust a man, who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn\'t try it on\".

I would.