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almost nine years ago

A big thankyou for the RedLetterMEdia Star Wars Review..

Bloody brilliant.

I suggest to anyone else out there, to get a nice bottle of red wine, and sit back and enjoy both the Phantom Menice 70m review and also the Attack of the CLones 90m review


Dave (UK)
almost nine years ago

Stay tuned for proper post. I shall return having viewed \"\"Attack of the Clones\"\". Just finished \"\"Phantom\"\".

Bat-Shit funny. \"\"\"\"\"\"Fact.\"\"\"\"\"\"

L.O.L. (Lando ;o))

\"Subtle\", huh?

Big Dave (OZ)
almost nine years ago

Loved the reviews, I didn\'t find his voice annoying at all. It does make it difficult to watch them after you\'ve seen the reviews though. In fact, It will make me look at all films differently now.

If everybody dressed up, what would I wear, maybe an astronaut suit, as long as it all worked.