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Dave (UK)
over nine years ago

I will echo Carl\'s observation but don\'t normally struggle with it.

That first hour guys! Thought you were going to throttle each other. Great listening.

Joe, you haven\'t convinced me about computers but you might have persuaded me to investigate STO. Sounds like a lot of fun.

If Cameron gets best picture then I will shit on my iBook and take a photo. Special effects, yes! Potentially even a Milla \"yes\". but best movie!? Fuck-nut NO!

Big Dave (OZ)
over nine years ago

Sorry Benjamin, but I can\'t agree with some of what you say. Some people can barely cope with what they know now, adding programming literacy to the list of skills required to function would probably mean some would forget to breathe. As long as they can work an ATM, that\'s enough.

I agree people shouldn\'t be scared of them, but they also shouldn\'t be complacent. I\'ve seen to many people assume too much, and lose money, and dignity, or both, when they forgot basic operational security. If your afraid of them, you don\'t get the most of them, if your complacent, you could get bitten.

I also noticed that the audio levels on this show were a bit inconsistent, good show though.

Dave, you really didn\'t like Avatar all that much did you.

Benjamin Santiago
over nine years ago

everyone should have programming literacy. This is the future. This is why we don\'t have flying cars.

We need to stop treating computers like scary exploding boxes and stop letting people who are bad teachers be in control of them.

In relation to the show, we need to have the ability to make our own machines or at least understand them better.

hup hup.

Benjamin Santiago
over nine years ago

casual gaming is the gateway drug of the video game world.

over nine years ago

Just a general comment on Audio levels of the podcast, when listening via a MP3 player Lando\'s voice is usually very Soft and hard to hear while Joe is quite loud. This results in turning the volume up and down constantly when listening via a portable device when there is background noise (traffic etc.)Not a big issue but noticeable