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Off The Fence

Mar 11, 2010

 OK, to hell with being impartial on everything.

Read this.

Now, I realize it's an article from Cracked, usually more of a humor site, but that pretty much spells out my very serious contempt for how Apple operates. Great products, bad company.

over nine years ago

Yes. They are all assholes. Apple has a lot of very intelligent people working on being bigger assholes, iholes if you will. This is surprising? I thought we knew that all corporations were out to fuck the public, take their money, and leave them addicted crackheads to their products working only to pay for more crack. In the end, people want all the money, all the power, and they don\'t want to see the faces of their victims. Apple will be as gifted in that as they are at making shiny things. Like those anglerfish with the bright light hanging right about their mouths in the cold bleak darkness at the bottom of the ocean. Add them to the list of everyone else that hates us and wants our money.

Big Dave (OZ)
over nine years ago

I like the comment \"Great products, bad company\", but I would add a bit to the middle - for as long as they keep working. I know a few \"iholes\" (I particularly like that, and will now use it as my own) and some of them boast about how many iphones or ipods they\'ve been through. I will never own an apple product, just as I have never had a Nokia phone. If too many people rave about these things, I don\'t want one. I just got a new phone - a Samsung Jet, it has a lot of similar features to an iphone, I was told that the touch screen wasn\'t as good, but never having had a touch screen before, it\'s good enough.

For me it\'s similar to the guy who ran a local \"gas\" station, he pissed me off one day, I told him I\'d never be back, 16 years later I never have. Apples policies piss me off.