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Feb 19, 2010

In this week's show:

Too Fat To Fly
Nuclear Renaissance

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Superheros 2007" by The Toxic Avenger

over nine years ago


I believe there are no parachutes on commercial airliners because in 99% of the cases they would be useless.
The only instance in which they would work would be if the pilot could get the plane down to a low enough altitude so that everyone could jump out at a safe height where there\\\'s oxygen. At an airplanes cruising altitude there is no oxygen and the temperature is well below freezing.


Good topic guys. I\\\'m all for it.

Dave (UK)
over nine years ago

As far as body scanning is concerned it’s a crock of shit and historically all current security measures have been a reaction instead of positive action.

The “terrorist” takes a box-cutter on board so we screen against box cutters, so the “terrorist” takes on liquid and all of a sudden we can’t take on liquids.

Profiling doesn’t work either, people who know what they’re talking about agree with this (check out security guru Bruce Schneier). You invite the bad guys not to meet the profile. Richard Reid was a British Jamaican. The dirty bomber, Jose Padilla was a Hispanic from Chicago. One of the 7/7 bombers was Caribbean. The underpants guy was Nigerian. Security is better when you randomly select for secondary screening. The Chechen “terrorists” who blew up a plane were women. They were chosen because women were not secondarily screened.

People go on dry runs to test holes in security. The Israelis are actually the best at detecting terrorism and they do it without all this profit-generating technology.

What we see now with airport security is just theatre. Since 11th September the only things we’ve achieved is reinforcing cockpit doors and teaching passengers that they should fight back. The latter occured Christmas Day. If you think about it it was actually pre-9/11 security measures that prevented a disaster this last time around. The pre-9/11 screening for guns and traditional bombs forced the guy to build a piss-poor bomb. It didn’t explode and the passengers took over. Screening liquid and taking off shoes did not play any part in this. You’re always fighting the last battle (see above). This is why scanning won’t work, an alternative will be found, it always is.

If you arrest before someone hits the airport you’re doing your job properly. You’re not relying an any of this theatrical crap that’s supposed to make you feel safe and instead your doing real investigative work. You don’t need this nonsense airport security. You need to reallocate all that funding to proper investigation.