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Big Dave
over seven years ago

Hi Guys
I've been getting the flu shot for the past few years, and I haven't had it in that time. My Doctor used to be on the local advisory board that decides which type to use in a given year. I asked him some questions last time, you might find the answers useful, if you believe what doctors tell us.

If you get the flu just after being vaccinated, it's because you already had it festering away inside you. So your doctor was probably right, you got it from the dirty waiting room, or the people in it.

If you get very mild symptoms after vaccination, that's your immune system, not the virus. You get vaccinated with an inactive husk that resembles the virus, so that your immune system will recognise it as soon as it's detected, it won't waste time preparing defences. Sometimes your immune system has a strong reaction to the vaccine, resulting in raised temperature, blocked nose etc.

I'll be getting a Kindle in a month or so, I was talking to the woman that runs the 2nd hand book store I go to, she said she'll probably be closing within a couple of years, the ebook craze is killing demand and supply of her stock. My brother already told me he's got hundreds of cracked books he can give me.

the photographer
over seven years ago

Yeah, that is the worst part...

over seven years ago

The worst part is I've had Calibre installed for almost a year. Haven't even used it yet.

the photographer
over seven years ago

A few notes:

Dear Lando and Joe,

First time I am a little ashamed of listening to you both:
You guys think the DRM-free e-book market will "one day" be like mp3's?

Pffft! you guys are late for the party:

Meet the open itunes of ebooks:

Meet the DRM "strippers":

Or just the ebooks with the DRM taken off...all in fuckload packs:

A fuckload of books 1

A fuckthroat of books 2

1400+ books

2,500 books

8,000 books

Here is the short version:

1.You get calibre (free, open source and they "do not know" what DRM is. Truth is they just play it safe )
2.You get your fuckload of books on any torrent site (tip: download selected books from the pack instead of the whole fuckload: Selective torrent download)
3.Plug your kindle,
let calibre identify it,
Import books from the fuckload to your library,
Export them to your kindle.

Eat your heart out @#$! Jeff Bezos!!!

Lando, Joe, you were 2 years behind, now you have no excuse to read a anything you want and only buy from authors you care about/ need it.