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Sep 1, 2011

almost seven years ago

Ugh.. Bourne films. So close to great, but instead totally unwatchable. I mean, how many millions did they spend on those flicks? They couldn't afford a steadicam? They made me want to vomit, and for once that's not hyperbole!

Big Dave
over seven years ago

I watched it a few months ago, it's bad, so bad you have to finish it. Cringe worthy in places, definitely, not a film you'll watch over and over, I think I've seen the Bourne films 10 or more times each. It was never put out there as anything but what it is

over seven years ago

Well, I'll give it the fair shake and finish it. I'm a fan of Statham myself, and maybe the movie will surprise me and right the ship as it goes on.

over seven years ago

I loved that movie, in the same way I love Commando and Bloodsport. Bad acting? Check. Plot full of holes? Check. Gratuitous ass-kicking? Che-muthereffing-eck. Bad-ass with a heart of gold? Of course. Two, actually. At least (haven't seen it since its theater run).

Am I going to buy it? As soon as the blu-ray hits $7 on Half!

I'm a big nostalgia-buff, but I also love the modern special effects and production quality, and the Expendables took right good care of me; good effects, good visual quality, fun absurdity.

Simon (UK)
over seven years ago

No Joe! The Expendables is great, aside from the underwhelming Willis/Stallone/Willis scene, as I agree that could've been so much better.
Otherwise, utterly loved this crazy, throwback to 80's/90's actioners. It's got our homegrown 'Bruce Willis On A Budget' Jason Statham in. And he is great (even though, he only ever seems to play the same character from the Transporter films... and lets not mention Crank Im still yet after 2 attempts to actually finish that movie...!)