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Jul 18, 2012

Today on the 5: I review a piece of absolutely essential viewing, the 1985 film The Stuff. I figured I knew what the movie was going to be once I added it to my Instant Queue. I was dead wrong.

agent zee
six and a half years ago

A classic movie, I always think of it when I'm eating any sort of dessert topping or see those big tubs of marshmallow fluff.

If you are looking for another good melt movie (a la street trash) then check out "body melt" it's australian (i think its on netflix), it's got half the cast of a certain aussie soap from the 90's and people MELT!! It is a work of perverse genius, it doesn't have some of the charm of street trash (everyone should watch that movie) but still it's worth watching.

I'd love to recommend some other movies but I'm just watching hell comes to frogtown so obviously my opinions can't be trusted! ;)

Mike Acosta
six and a half years ago

Ahhh "The Stuff" What a classic, saw it back in the 80's...what memories. I know in one of your shows you discussed the movie called "The Sword and the Sorcerer" I definitely recommend you watch it...another classic from the 80's.

ps Michael Moriarty he seems to show up in a lot of these cheezzy movies from what I remember.