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Oct 2, 2009

This week we had some technical snags but still turned out another rambling narrative on quite the range of topics. We start off talking wingtips, move smoothly into the evolution of budgetary responsibility and then have jarring detour into the hygiene habits of Chewbacca and his ilk. Talking Star Wars brings up my recent discovery (thanks to a fan comment) of the fanedit community. After my system crashes (and you'll hear it coming on my end) we pick back up with a recent study on how the brain has the ability to subvert free will. Finally, the subtle functionality of alien intimacy. Enjoy!

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Born Under A Bad Sign" performed by The Great Oglee Moglee Blues Band

David [US]
over eight years ago

so what was that book about the homogeneous robots called

Big Dave (OZ)
nine and a half years ago

Great show, I was washing my car listening to this show, I had to stop I was laughing so hard. I do have similar thoughts. Not about Wookies though. I wondered what the Imperial troops that happened to be on the toilet, or in the shower, thought was happening just before the Deathstar blew up. Or what the tech who just happened to get a cabin with a window that looked onto the trench with the exhaust port thought as he looked out and saw an X-Wing and some Tie fighters fly by. Enough of my rambling.

Did you know that there is a Star Wars version of Wikipedia? It\'s called Wookieepedia.

Cats do understand finger pointing, if I throw a treat and my cat doesn\'t see it, I point to where it landed, and he goes over and has a look. There just has to be something interesting where your pointing is all.

P.S. It really is me.

Big Dave (OZ)
nine and a half years ago

Part 2:

So I raised the Wookie toilet issues with some guys I work with, the best response was,

Don\'t they just drag their asses on the ground like dogs?

Wasn\'t there some hot alien sex in \"They Live\", until those funky sun glasses ruined it. What about the hot green dancer in \"Return of the Jedi\", the one that gets thrown into the pit, and for the sad loaner, keep some tribble at home, surely they have some orifice that can be used.

nine and a half years ago

Indeed, some facts disturb more than enlighten.

nine and a half years ago

Kirties, you have provided me with one hell of an image for the day. Tell me you just thought that one up. Wookies have a rear penis that pisses shit, I think that may even be better than ewoks tongue bathing each others rectums. I know I\'ve told this joke before, but Im going to alter it slightly to fit the mood.

A wookie and an ewok are sitting in the woods taking a crap. The wookie says to the ewok, \"Hey, does shit stick to your fur?\" Ewok says no. So the wookie wipes his ass with the ewok.

Of course anal penis kind of ruins that lol.

Dave (UK)
nine and a half years ago

Jesus Kirtles! I nearly spat out my wine at that image. It was bad enough this morning. Just which episode was that in? Next you\'ll be saying JJBinks walks on his hands and talks out his... oh, hang on...

That\'s some freaky psychological shit there, any chance of throwing the links up to the reports? To think that my brain tells me I\'ve done stuff when I \"almost\" did or that it thinks about doing shit before I do (yes, I am aware of what I just said). Gah! Head in the microwave time.

More wine!

Oh Joe, you goddam anal perfectionist. I couldn\'t tell the joins either. What a pro!

nine and a half years ago

Happy Birthday Lando!
1979 was indeed a good year to be born

nine and a half years ago

I cant comment on Ewoks but I heard that Wookie\'s have 3 inch rectums which extend down 2 inches when they are taking a shit, thus avoiding any contact between fur and phecies.