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Quick Note

Sep 27, 2007

Hey all,

We didn't forget to post a new show, I'm just a little behind after getting married last weekend. I'll have the new show up within the next couple of days. Take er easy,


Sep 19, 2007

For the last week of my existence as a bachelor, we're examining an idea spawned by the ongoing struggle of how to approach the environment. Would the environment, and our world in general, benefit if we began to take a more 'mechanized view' of how things work? Aren't there advantages to approaching life as a series...

Sep 12, 2007

This week we're talking about what seems to be the latest trend in personal computing, the magical touchscreen. Microsoft has their table, the iPhone was the rage 2 months ago, and now the seemingly invulnerable iPod has gone button-free with the new iTouch. But is the touchscreen the future, or are we just seeing the...

Banhunt 2

Sep 12, 2007

So hot on the heels of our last show, I've been reading about the release of the newly altered Manhunt 2 video game. For those who aren't gamers, the original Manhunt was essentially a mix of the survival horror game genre and a dose of the film 8MM. In the game, you were the star attraction in a maniac's live...

Sep 5, 2007

Now landing midweek, we're delving into the extremely complex topic of human reaction. Where do the responses we actively demonstrate every day come from? What makes one man cheer the death penalty as justice served and another view it as the failure of law? Are these reactions taught or intrinsic? It's a road that...