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Nov 1, 2021

Tonight I'm on location with writer / director Len Kabasinski, who has directed features like Curse Of The Wolf, Blood Prism, and Challenge Of Five Gauntlets. In this we're recording live in Burbank talking about his experiences filming his upcoming movie Pact Of...

Aug 9, 2021

Tonight writer and teacher Jason McNamara is back for another segment with us. We're talking Ichi The Killer, anime, comic books, and writing. Music for the show provided by

Aug 2, 2021

Tonight Lando joins me in talking to writer and teacher Jason McNamara. We're talking John Carpenter, Possessor, Censor, and Knife+Heart. Music for the show provided by

May 10, 2021

Tonight I'm joined again by Daniel Ibbertson AKA DJ Slope, content creator and architect of Slope's Game Room. In this episode we're talking about the Castlevania: The Complete History, Streets Of Rage 4, and SEGA. Show music by OGRESupport the...