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Jan 30, 2009

This week Lando and I are discussing a wide range of topics, starting out with what finally put me over in deciding which TV survivalist I like better. After that, we move into the awesomely alternative Alzheimer's helmet that Terry Pratchett is using before talking about the new WETA blunderbuss and whether

Jan 23, 2009

After a quick break, we're back examining another oft-argued aspect of the human condition: dominion over the Earth. Do we as the most powerful species on the planet have a right to rule over this planet? Is survival of the fittest the way it should be, or is there a greater morality at play than that which we govern...

Off This Week, But Something New Too

Jan 16, 2009

Hey loyal listeners,

No show for this week, mostly my fault due to a business trip and just falling behind on editing. Aside from that, though, had an idea that I wanted to float on by the masses: Ozone Multiplayer Weekends. Those of you who are gamers and want to hop on for a few hours of gameplay with your hosts,...

Jan 9, 2009

It's our big end of the year spectacular!

Well, actually it's coming out after the New Year and it's not much different from our normal shows, but it's the thought that counts. We start off with one of the big topics right now, the neverending Israeli-Palestinian conflict now currently flaring up in Gaza. As usual,...