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Feb 27, 2008

This week is a kind of half and half show, where we have a topic that we feel is important to discuss but likely not meaty enough to dominate the show. Rather than tank the idea, we're going have run our ramble a little longer than usual and then spend the remaining time on the mini-topic. Don't forget, this is the...

Off This Week

Feb 20, 2008

No show this week. I ran out of time for even recording, much less editing, so we'll be back next week. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel. Enjoy your week!

Feb 13, 2008

This week I'm on my own, so be forewarned. No real overall topic, just a near hour long mix of things bouncing around the empty cavern of my skull. Politics, the Terminator TV series and Godzilla....yes, these all belong together don't they? Egon said it best: "Short, but pointless."

Opening Music: "Fire In The Sky"...

Feb 6, 2008

This week we're doing a little viewer mail before delving into our topic: the nature of war within cyberspace. So much of our lives tied to the internet, and in this increasingly interconnected society what does conflict consist of when the battlefield is entirely virtual? Is there any such thing as war online, or is...