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May 30, 2008

This week we're starting out our movie special by taking a look down the road at some upcoming projects, both completed and proposed. "Re-imaginings," remakes and sequels alike come under our reliably harsh scrutiny. It's a mixed bag in this case, with some projects looking very good and others quite poor. After that,...

May 25, 2008

This week Lando and I are putting out a short show talking about technology in th workplace. Where does the responsibility lie in a company when it comes to adopting technology and making sure the workers are able to use it? Who makes the decisions on when something like a new version of Office or Windows should be...

The Show Is Coming

May 23, 2008

Hey everyone,

Power outage kinda rocked the timetable a bit, but the show will be out either late tonight or tomorrow. Have no fear, the show will be here (soon)!


May 20, 2008

See, it's times like this I feel stupid for giving the benefit of the doubt. A few weeks ago I posted an entry where I tried to take a balanced look at 2 stories involving possible police brutality. Then I read this and have to wonder if we shouldn't outfit every cop with a helmet cam just to make sure he doesn't...

May 16, 2008

This week we're tackling the always amusing topic of "The World Is Ending" predictions. How is it that such a clearly ridiculous concept of people predicting "the end" still has such life? Before that lively mashing of a rather silly idea, we're gonna touch on Iron Man and a little GTA IV. No worries, though, this...